Guys, You’re Not 21 Anymore … (And That’s A Good Thing)

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Every stage of life brings its own unique set of challenges, thrills, and annoyances. If you’ve reached middle age or beyond, you’ve no doubt already reached this conclusion in many regards.

When it comes to sexuality and intimacy, tradeoffs are a fact of life as well. The overall negative aspect for older guys is that at a younger age, males generally have more staying power. They tend to be more easily aroused and are often able to sustain erections for longer stretches of time. It’s also not uncommon for younger males to be able to “reprime their pumps” and engage in repeated erections more quickly. This physical reality comes in handy on occasions when extended periods of intimacy occur.

However, on balance, a good argument can be made that as men get older, their sexuality is enhanced, and their prospects for more enjoyable experiences are much more significant. Here are three reasons why:

Experience makes a great teacher.

Regardless of the subject, the more “study time” a person devotes, the better they master it. As we get older, we learn more about our bodies and the bodies of those we have relations with. We understand what we can do to create pleasurable experiences, as well as the things we may want not to repeat. Years of experience lead to things like familiarity, confidence, and patience.

Where younger men are still learning nuances like pacing, self-control, and foreplay – not to mention the bodies of their partners – their older counterparts have graduated to a new level. They have a greater ability to try new things and sustain pleasurable experiences for a longer amount of time.

Comfort levels are higher.

By middle age, most of us are at least accepting of our unique physiques. Sure, we’d still like to drop a few pounds or have thicker hair, but we’ve learned not to obsess over the things we won’t easily control. To have the potential to achieve complete intimate satisfaction, it’s essential to feel good physically and emotionally. Sexuality researchers concluded long ago that when performance issues occur, they’re more often influenced by our minds than by our bodies.

In most cases, experienced adults have gotten well past the body image issues stages that can sometimes cause problems and make intimate encounters stressful and far less enjoyable. As a bonus, middle-aged males are generally involved with partners of the same age. The one thing better than a person who is comfortable with his or her sexuality is two people (together) who can embrace this part of life.

We live in good times.

Now politicians and sports stars are enthusiastic spokesmen for erectile functionality products. There’s never been a time in modern history when sexuality issues have been more freely discussed, empathetically supported, or easily treated. As a society, we tend to be much more comfortable with talking about and embracing our sexuality. When we do encounter performance issues of any type, there are plenty of resources available to help address them. As a result, some of the sexuality challenges and stereotypes that were problematic when gentlemen began to age into their thirties and beyond are much more manageable today.

Let’s also recognize that with increased emphasis on personal health and nutrition, we (and our potential partners) tend to stay in better shape for a longer period. That means more time to enjoy the pleasures of companionship in whatever forms it takes.

In short, when you balance the trade-off of slightly better physical traits against the wide range of other benefits, there’s no question that, in most cases advancing age has its advantages.

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