For Him- 7 Dos During the Menstrual Cycle

For Him- 7 Dos During the Menstrual Cycle 1

Gentlemen, you’re going to be around the female species most of your life anyway, so why not give this post a quick read through and impress the members of the opposite sex with your knowledge and accommodating nature? And, I divided it into two parts so that you won’t feel so squeamish.

1. Do keep Agua Oxinada handy. Your sweetheart is mortified. It seems she has a “tagos,” or a bloody spot on her pants, shorts or skirt. What do you do? Aside from offering her your jacket to tie around her waist, or offering to walk behind her, head off to the nearest drugstore or grocery. Why?

Go buy agua oxinada (Hydrogen peroxide). Traditionally used to cleanse wounds, it can also be used to dissolve any bloody spot. Just dribble a few drops on the stain, watch it bubble and fizzle, rub the cloth a little bit, and voila, it’s gone.

You might find it reassuring that this practice is done by professional laundry cleaners. Eagerly sharing some laundry facts, a laundry shop owner once tried to stump us with the question of what to use for bloody marks on clothes. Promptly, I answered, “Agua Oxinada.” She was a bit taken aback that somebody actually knew the answer, but she confirmed that I was right.

2. Do remind her to hydrate. Your honey is suddenly feeling woozy and unstable. What do you do? Make her sit down, grab a glass of water, or, better yet, a sports drink that’s loaded with electrolytes. Why?

Vital fluids are being drained from her body such as water, electrolytes, and of course, blood. Don’t freak out though, the female body is designed to withstand the blood loss, but there is a greater need to hydrate during this period.

3. Do remind her that it’s okay to reduce her level of physical activity. You and your baby work out together at the gym, and instead of taking the high impact high intensity boxing class that you regularly attend, you suggest that you do the treadmill and a light weight workout. Why?

My friend, a former professional ballet dancer, was once taking class from a visiting Russian teacher from the world famous ballet company—Kirov. The teacher noted that her movements were different, so the Russian asked her if it was that time of the month, which my friend confirmed.

Immediately, the Russian teacher wanted to confine her to the sidelines, because in deference to their condition and the fact that ballet can be very physically taxing, ballerinas from the Kirov company are not allowed to perform or to take class during their menstrual cycle.

However, my friend was very insistent about continuing since she knew that she may not have another opportunity to take class with the renowned teacher, so she was allowed to take just a portion of the class.

I’m not saying to stop all physical activity, but help her recognize the fact that there is blood loss, and that adjustments to her level of physical activity would be appropriate.

4. Do not swim in non-shark infested waters. You and your honey are planning to go to Puerto Galera for the weekend, but her period came unexpectedly early that Monday; but since the vacation is going to be five days away, both of you decide to push through with it anyway. However, you change the venue to Boracay. Why?

During the training seminar of the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), the instructor asked me what would I do if the ship sank in shark-infested waters and I was bleeding because I had my period. Politely, I corrected his impression that the blood would flow out and said that the water pressure would keep it in. And I thought that ended the matter.

However, when I told this story to a female diver friend, she told me that her diving instructor once stopped her from diving in Puerto Galera when he learned that she had her period. His reason? The sharks can tell (I have no idea, but do sharks have ultra sensitive senses or something?).

Anyway, under the assumption that sharks indeed can tell, it would be better to go to non-shark infested beaches like Boracay (As far as I know, there are no sharks reported within the area).

5. Do keep heat resistant containers handy. Your baby is writhing in pain or in physical distress from menstrual cramps. What do you do? Grab a heat resistant container (avoid glass containers because they might crack and shatter from the heat), fill it up with a hot liquid (e.g. hot water), and help her press it against the painful area. Why?

The heat will help in relaxing the contracting muscles. Consequently, the pain will lessen.

6. Do handle her more gently. You grasp her in a clinch using your regular amount of strength, and she winces in pain. What do you do? Slacken your hold a little bit and treat her with kid gloves. Why?

The female body is more likely to bruise during her menses, along with a higher sensitivity to pain. For this reason, massages are usually not recommended, nor surgery at this time.

So, remember, the usual pressure might elicit more pain than pleasure. Therefore, unless that’s your fetish, ease off. I’m not talking about abstinence, but a little more tender loving care might be in order, instead of the roughhouse treatment.

7. Do make her laugh to keep her in a lighthearted mood. Your lady is in pain, discomfort, plus, feeling vulnerable and just a little bit whacked. Laughter is a good antidote since it produces the feel good hormones–endorphins.

And, it would be a really great time to reveal that sensitive side of you (Yes, it’s in there somewhere). Please do not make any jokes at the expense of her physical condition (like those stupid jokes about the smell and other stuff along the same vein).

I recently read how one guy lost his girlfriend because of his reaction when he saw his penis covered with “thick black blood” while they were having sex.

He thought it was “the grossest thing he ever saw.” His girlfriend got so upset with him that she “broke off with him then and there.” (Yes, of course it can be quite traumatic and upsetting to see your dick covered in blood, so why even look at it? Avert your eyes and focus on the sensations instead.) Eventually, they got back together.

Hey, that wasn’t so bad, right? ;-)

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