When it comes to hair – Less is more!

When it comes to hair - Less is more! 1

Does your hair tend to look and feel weighed down? Do you notice that your style loses bounce and shape within a day or two?

You might be using too much product!

Technically, the hair strand can only absorb so much. The rest will coat the hair shaft and attract dust and dirt, making the hair look greasy and lackluster. This is especially the case when using petroleum and oil based moisturizers.

In addition, this excess product will buildup over time, making it difficult for your shampoo to lather and your conditioner to penetrate the hair shaft. The only way to rid this product is to use a clarifying shampoo or vinegar hair rinse.

Instead, try to listen to your hair! Dry hair is a conditioning issue, not a “moisturizer” issue. Try switching to a deep penetrating moisture conditioner and steaming the conditioner into the hair with a hot wet towel and plastic cap.

Or, try washing and conditioning your hair sooner. The effects of your conditioner should last 4-5 days on average. When your hair starts to feel dry, try washing the hair with conditioner for an immediate moisture boost.

Lastly, remember that moisturizers and oils are designed to keep existing moisture in the hair shaft. The same reasoning can be applied to using lotion. Most of the instructions on lotion bottles suggest using the product on damp skin (as opposed to dry skin). Lotion is designed to lock in moisture, not introduce it.

A quick dab of moisturizer or a drop of oil daily should be enough to seal in moisture and keep the hair light, bouncy and healthy.

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