For a beautiful behind

For a beautiful behind 1

So there’s a little extra jiggle on your hips these days. And it’s tough getting back to center court after the cross-court backhand. You need the side hip-raise. It strengthens and tones the muscles on the outside of your legs (hip abductors).

These muscles are generally underworked and fairly weak. Build them, and you get agility, peak performance, and toned thighs and hips. And you might even get better balance. When combined with the leg-extension exercise, the side hip-raise will help to make your legs and hips very shapely.

The essentials
Repetitions: Eight to 12 lifts are considered a set. Do 1-3 sets on both sides.

Sessions per week: 2-3; allow at least one day of rest between workouts.

Speed: 1-3 seconds to lift, 1-second pause, three seconds to lower.

Weight: If you can’t do eight repetitions, the weight is too heavy. When you can easily do 12 repetitions, the weight is too light.

Remember to breathe

A total-body strength-training programme can make you stronger and slimmer. But the trick is finding the time to do it. For best results, you should lift weights two or three times a week. That should take up to 30 minutes, depending on how many sets of each exercise you do. If that works for you, great.

But if you find that you’re missing too many workouts, there’s another option: break it up. Try training six days a week — in a session no more than 12 minutes long. To ensure your workout clocks in at 12 minutes or less, do one set of each exercise for that day’s workout, and then repeat them for a second or even third set.

On Monday: Do leg extension, side hip-raise, calf raise, Heel stand.
On Tuesday: Do bench press, bent-over row, biceps curl, triceps extension.
On Wednesday: Do upright row, abdominal crunch, back extension.
On Thursday: Do Monday’s workout
On Friday: Do Tuesday’s workout.
On Saturday: Do Wednesday’s workout.
Take rest on Sunday

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