Lemon Water: The Magic Drink

Lemon waterPhoto by Francesca Hotchin

Drink – Lemon water with salt, sugar, honey, or plain.
Eat – Lemon with food, salad, or just like that with salt & pepper but remember it should be consumed uncooked. The moment you heat or cook lemon the labile ‘ Vitamin C ‘ will lose its potency. Everybody is aware of the fact – Lemon (Ascorbic acid) is a concentrated source of natural ‘ Vitamin C ‘.

Now what does ‘ Vitamin C ‘ do to the body:

  1. It is a potent oxidant. It oxidizes the by-products (so-called toxins) formed because of pollution, smoking, drinking, vigorous strenuous exercises, and changes into harmless chemicals that are flushed through the system by the kidney.
  2. As ‘ Vitamin C ‘ is a water-soluble vitamin if taken as “Lemon Water – Nimboo Pani” it has a double function.
    • Firstly, ‘ Vitamin C ‘ detoxicates the harmful substances present in the body.
    • Secondly, water as a natural diuretic flushes the system clean.
  3. Its presence improves the absorption of iron from the intestine and helps in the storage of iron in bone-narrow, spleen, liver.
  4. It is required for normal growth of the body, in the healing of wounds, bone fractures, tissue repair, etc.
  5. It makes the skin glow as ‘ Vitamin C ‘ is necessary for the maintenance of intercellular substances like Collagen.
  6. It is necessary for healthy gums and teeth.
  7. For healthy growth of nails & hairs.
  8. Increases resistance of the body against cold, allergy, and other viral infections.

These are the few benefits of lemon if taken orally… now there are many more if applied locally. :-

  1. A natural oxidant, it helps in removing Sun-tanning, blemishes, etc.
  2. If mixed with cucumber-juice it’s a natural astringent.
  3. Rub lemon-peels on the areas (like the elbow) which are hyperpigmented; it helps in lightening the skin.
  4. Mix it with luke-warm water and give a final rinse to your shampoo hair. It acts like a conditioner.
  5. Lemon juice mix with hair oil, warm a little, and apply on the scalp, it helps in getting rid of Dandruff.

Other sources of ‘ Vitamin C ‘ besides lemon is Guava, Amla, etc.
So remember to drink, eat, and apply LEMON – The Magic Fruit.

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