Top 5 Ways How to Get Rid of Mice

get rid of micePhoto by Sandy Millar

If you’re looking for how to get rid of mice, man, you’ve come to the right place. With an old farmhouse from 1857, it’s almost impossible to keep a mouse from seeking refuge, but I’m the queen of knowing how to get rid of mice. The below tips on how to get rid of mice are tried and true methods – mostly.

Get a Cat

There is no better mice repellant in the world than a cat, the most excellent reason to rescue a cat. Even if your cat is not a mouser, just having the smell of a cat in the house will keep all except the hardiest mice out of the house.

Borrow a Friend’s Cat

If you don’t have your cat, borrow your friend’s cat and, this sounds strange but shake the cat over each of your kitchen drawers and in your pantry (hopefully, you have a tolerant cat). Just shaking a cat will release dander, and the smell will pervade the spots where mice hang out.

Plug All Pipe Holes With Steel Wool

Look under your sinks – see where the water comes in and drains out? Plug those holes with steel wool. Mice will not chew on steel wool, and you’ll lock the critters out.

Place Cotton Balls Soaked With Peppermint Oil In Your Cabinets and Pantry to Repel Mice

Now, I won’t vouch for this method on how to get rid of mice as I tried it and, well, I must have mice running around who developed a liking for cotton balls soaked in peppermint as the fluffy white balls disappeared – they probably make a beautiful lining for a little mouse house! That’s right; now I have the most beautiful smelling baby mice running around. But, this is supposedly one of the oldest methods of keeping mice out of a house. Not so much over here….

If You Must, Use a Mouse Trap

I hate killing mice, but it’s a whole lot more humane than those nasty glue traps. And, when the above methods have failed, I’ve had to do it (hopefully I have enough good things I’ve done in my life to counteract killing mice and will one day be allowed in Heaven anyway). Using the traps that keep the mice alive so you can drive their furry butts to a park and release them is almost as bad as killing them as they’re not used to fending for themselves in a cold environment – a slow, painful death ensues. Bait your mouse traps with peanut butter, so they at least get a decent last meal…

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