Sexy Aphrodisiac food

Sexy Aphrodisiac food 1

Throughout history, men and women have used aphrodisiac foods and drinks in an attempt to arouse their erotic desires and enhance sexual prowess. They often flirted with death, eating and drinking ghastly concoctions made from highly poisonous combinations of ingredients such as the infamous Spanish Fly, the powdered remains of dried beetles.Aphrodisiac food

Thank goodness today?s choice of aphrodisiac foods is not only safer but much more appetizing. Here are just a few choices to fuel your passions and start you along the road to love and lust!


Chocolate, with its rich and sweet flavour and smooth creaminess, has compounds that simulate the feelings you get when you are in love. Chocolate is the perfect aphrodisiac.


Herbs are known for their healthy properties as well as aphrodisiac qualities.

  • Basil – The fresh leaves have an alluring aroma.
  • Cilantro – A pungent herb that promotes vigour.
  • Rosemary – Heightens memory and improves circulation.
  • Saffron – A stimulating, expensive herb, saffron has an association with luxury.
  • Thyme – Containing many antioxidants that keep your cells humming along.


Spices have been considered aphrodisiacs by many cultures around the world.

  • Chilli Powder – Its intensity can add to yours.
  • Cinnamon – Sweet but stimulating.
  • Clove – Exotic spice that boosts your energy.
  • Coriander – Heightens emotions and arousal.
  • Fennel – This tasty seed increases sex drive.
  • Ginger – A hot spice that can add a jump-start to your love life.
  • Nutmeg – A spice with a complex aroma that excites the imagination.
  • Vanilla – The smell alone increases blood flow and is especially enticing for older men.


Seafood has often been associated with the ability to arouse sensual feelings.

  • Caviar – An exotic food that promotes sensuousness.
  • Oyster – Raw oysters, perhaps it?s the texture or the flavour, have long been considered an aphrodisiac.
  • Salmon ? A rich fish that stimulates the appetite.
  • Tuna Steak – A food that creates a boisterous, happy well-being (especially when grilled).


  • Apricot – Plump and sweet flavored, apricots were thought by the Chinese to indicate a romantic, sensual nature.
  • Banana – Shape, sweetness, and texture promotes sensuality.
  • Cherry – These delectable fruits are said to arouse desire.
  • Date – Rich and exotic.
  • Peach ? Succulent and juicy, a ripe peach is a sensual treat and promotes interest in other sensual treats.
  • Pear – A ripe pear with sweet juice…yummmmmmmy.
  • Fig – A soft, ripe fig is just perfect for sharing with your love.
  • Papaya – Tropical and exotic, excellent for nibbling.
  • Strawberry – Just-picked, perfect strawberries are ideal for dipping in chocolate, or savouring on their own.


Many people consider vegetables dull, something that they eat because they’ve been told ?vegetables are good for you?. They are, but perhaps not in the way you expected.

  • Asparagus – Long stems and succulent tips that can be quite suggestive.
  • Avocado – Rich and creamy, considered an aphrodisiac especially for women.
  • Carrot ? Transfer the power of this root vegetable to your love life.
  • Celery – Great for pepping up your blood flow.
  • Cucumber – Just its shape alone gives people ideas.
  • Radish – Another root vegetable that’s crisp, allowing you to sink your teeth into it.
  • Turnip – A rather dull looking vegetable, but turnips give strength to soups, stews, and you.

So do aphrodisiacs work?

Perhaps not, there is not a lot of evidence to suggest that aphrodisiacs can actually affect your sexual organs or sexual desires. But suggestion can be a powerful thing, and using aphrodisiac foods or drinks as part of your seduction technique can add to your sex life and spice up your relationship in several ways. After all is said and done, a happy, healthy love life requires two happy, healthy people.

If you really want to give your lover the message, invite him or her to prepare a meal with you. Choose foods you both like that you can eat by hand and feed each other across the table. A dozen oysters or quail’s eggs with champagne, followed by asparagus and a platter of exotic fruit, vegetables and cheese, with a finale of figs and chocolate, can leave lovers feeling cherished and in the mood to carry on spoiling each other for hours and hours.

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