Nutrients that are absolutely essential for our bodies? survival

Nutrients that are absolutely essential for our bodies? survival 1

It is easy to take the food that we eat for granted and very few people actually think as they put their dinner into their mouths about the vitamins or minerals and Essential Nutrients that it contains. It is usually about taste and satisfying hunger.

The body is a complex and sophisticated operating system with organs, glands, systems and functions that require a specific fuel mix to be healthy and run efficiently. Enzymes will take the components of the food that you eat and alter their chemistry so that they in turn can produce hormones, build cells, make blood etc. Without the raw ingredients, however, our body begins to deteriorate, become sick and age very rapidly.Fruits and vegetables

What is the difference between Water-Soluble and Fat-Soluble Vitamins?

Water Soluble Vitamins.

These include all the B vitamins, vitamin C as well as Folic Acid. They are not easily stored in the body and are often lost in cooking or by being eliminated from the body. This means that they must be consumed in constant daily amounts to prevent deficiencies. In the case of Vitamin C this could lead to poor immune system function and if you are deficient in the B vitamins you will not be able to metabolise the fat, protein and carbohydrates that you eat.

Fat Soluble Vitamins.

These vitamins include A, D, E and K. Because they are soluble in fat they tend to be stored in the body?s fat tissues, fat cells and liver. This means that they should be supplemented with care if you are already taking in plenty on a daily basis in your diet. In excess even supposedly beneficial nutrients can be toxic and this is why you always should adjust your diet first before taking in additional supplements.


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