Healthy Substitutes for Favorite Foods

Healthy Substitutes for Favorite Foods 1

Trying to find healthy choices in place of some of your favorites dishes and sides may take a few food experiments. Some of the tips below may help you find a healthy alternative to one of your favorite foods.

Healthy substitutes for popular sides and dishes range from hard-to-find to tasteless. But a few choices offer flavor and fewer calories without feeling like “fake food”.

Ground Turkey Burger

Shove aside the fried beef patty for a healthier ground turkey alternative. To keep the turkey from being dry and tasteless, chop and add sauteed cabbage and onion, along with pepper, Mrs. Dash, or other desired seasonings. Grill or bake, then serve up with your favorite trimmings.

Sweet Mashed Potatoes

To avoid starches like white potatoes, try mashing a healthier substitute. Japanese white potatoes are a slightly healthier choice, along with American varieties like sweet potatoes. While the taste is different, there’s plenty of flavor and versatility when it comes to serving them instead of the usual gravy-drenched side.

Jerusalem Artichokes

Replace your crunchy salad toppers and fatty nuts with a crunchy substitute: chopped Jerusalem artichokes. The nutty root is full of flavor, better for your health, and easy to chop and add to your favorite dishes.

Tomato Tacos

Skip the ground beef or steak you usually tuck inside your tortilla shell. Try using a combination of meaty mushrooms, tomatoes, and onions instead, sauteed with all the taco seasoning you prefer. Drain if necessary, then spoon it into your tortilla, then add any extra toppings desired.

Creative substitutes for unhealthy choices are as simple as following your taste buds and some common sense. Find a new twist for your less healthy favorites and help keep extra calories and fat at bay.

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