8 Tips to get relief from Back Pain without Drugs

8 Tips to get relief from Back Pain without Drugs 1

Are you one among the sufferers of the back pain? Looking for natural ways to get relief from the pain? Then you are at the right place. Here are some natural ways that help you to get relief from your back ache without using any kind of pills or drugs. To start with the natural way of getting relief, ensure that the pain is not due to an injury; if it is due to an injury then it will require rehabilitation. If it is not due to injuries then you can carry on with the natural ways.

Walk. This is the best and easiest way to get rid of your back ache. As soon as you get out of bed start walking; walking regularly gives you good results. Try and have a good walk daily. If you stay inactive then you will just gradually make the pain worse.

Keep an eye on your weight. Being overweight will strain your back. Putting on weight will shift your centre of gravity leading to server pain in your back. Staying within your ideal weight helps you to control the pain.

Quit bad habits. If you have any bad habits like smoking quit them. Smoking is a cause of back pain as it stops the nutrient-containing blood flowing to the spinal discs. This is the main reason why most smokers fall prey to this pain. So, quit them today to ease your back ache.

Massage therapy. Massaging gives good results. Therapists are using variety of techniques which gives relief from your back pain. Massage therapy stimulates your brain to produce endorphins. Endorphins are nothing but natural pain relieving chemicals.

Practice meditation every day. Studies have proven that back pain can also be caused due to mental stress. Meditation gives relaxation to your mind and body and also reduces stress. So, practice meditation daily to get rid of the problem.

Avoid wearing high heels. If you have a habit of wearing high heels it is better to stop it from now. High heels shift your centre of gravity and worsen your back ache. Ensure that you wear one-inch heel and not more than that.

Follow a healthy diet. Diet always plays a major role in relieving the pain. So, choose your food carefully; avoid high-sugar junk foods and fast food. Increase the intake of fresh vegetables and fruits as a part of your diet. Vegetables and fruits are anti- inflammatory and will reduce your back ache. This pain can also be caused due to vitamin D deficiency, take diet that is rich in vitamin D and essential nutrients like fish, orange juice and fortified milk.

Try Aromatherapy: Most people are recognizing natural therapy to relieve their back pain as legitimate aid, a study on natural therapy says more number of people who have undergone these therapies have notice a considerable amount of reduction in the back pain, anxiety, mental stress and depression. Aromatherapy is one among popular natural therapies; there are many benefits of it such as it improves the blood circulation, increases endorphin levels, relaxes muscles and also sorts out insomnia.

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