Are there less severe Allergic Reactions?

Are there less severe Allergic Reactions? 1

Most of us, at one time or another, have suffered from a streaming nose, itchy eyes and some wheezing. It is an immediate reaction to contact with the allergen.The top triggers are:

   INHALENTS – breathed in.

  • Tree and plant pollens
  • Animal mites
  • House-dust mites.
  • Mould spores.
  • Tobacco smoke (contains over 4,000 chemicals,
    including banned pesticides and arsenic)
  • Car exhaust
  • Chemical products such as paint, dry cleaning solutions, perfumes and cosmetics)

   INGESTANTS (taken by mouth)

  • Foods: dairy, eggs, peanuts, wheat, Soya, chocolate, tomatoes, corn, fish and shellfish
  • Medications (antibiotics – anti-tetanus)
  • Pesticides in food.
  • Heavy metals in tap water

   CONTACTANTS (by touch)

  • Plants (poison ivy, oak)
  • Jewellery (nickel, copper)
  • Latex
  • Beauty products (hair dye, cosmetics)

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