Is my lover’s cold an STD?

Is my lover's cold an STD? 1

My boyfriend suffers from a severe cough, which hasn’t gotten any better even after medication. We often indulge in oral sex. Is this a sign of a sexually transmitted disease (STD)? I have red spots on my dick head. Normally it occurs after masturbation. At times it burns and is painful. Is this point to be noted?

The cough does not sound like an STD, but more like a lingering cold or sinus infection. Either way, you should urge him to see a doctor.

As far as your red spots are concerned, it sounds like you are irritating your penis during sex. It could be from friction or an allergy to lubricant or latex condoms (if you use these). Be sure your lubricant is water soluble and free of additives like nonoxynol-9, flavors and perfumes. Be very gentle and don’t rub your penis too hard. A one percent hydrocortisone cream sold in pharmacies might also help. If the problem persists, see a dermatologist. Take care.

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