What sugar does to the body

* Frequent high-energy snacks release high glucose into the blood stream.

* This stimulates the pancreas to produce insulin for unhealthily long periods.

* When insulin is present for a long time, it flicks a metabolic switch in the liver.

* This stimulates the liver to produce triglycerides into the blood stream.

* Body tissues become insulin resistant.

* Circulating fats are converted to bad cholesterol.

* Bad cholesterol raises the risk of developing heart disease.

* Our fatty cells, bombarded with extra calories to store in the form of triglycerides and glucose, succumb to insulin resistance.

* Overloaded fat cells flood the blood with fatty acids, which start killing the insulin-secreting pancreatic cells.

* Insulin levels plummet. Glucose accumulates in the blood and a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes is made.

* If you fail to change your diet, the destruction of insulin-secreting cells continues apace.

* Eventually, daily injections of insulin are needed to stay alive.

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