The importance of Orthodontics

Born with a deformed jaw or jut ting out teeth is a common occurrence in most children these days. To many the deformity is a problem that has an impact on them for the rest of their lives. Even though the deformity is not considered to be a disease by many leading orthodontists in the field it is nevertheless a traumatic experience for the patient concerned.

Orthodontics is a special field in the dental profession. A qualified dentist having completed his postgraduate studies is known as a consultant or orthodontist. A child or adult suffering from malocclusion of teeth, cleft lips, palates and other facial deformities is first referred to an orthodontist. If the problem of the patient is not serious he or she is referred to a dentist, while the more serious cases are handled by the orthodontists.

For many a deformed jaw or protruding teeth is a defect from birth. While some parents take the child to a doctor at an early stage others pay less attention to the problem. For those who grow up with the deformity, it is a burden they carry on their shoulders everyday of their lives. This deformity is found in an equal number of males and females. However according to orthodontists it is the female who suffers the most in such situations.

In society a female is more concerned about her appearance than a male is. Even in cases of marriage males look for a pretty girl and not one with a deformed face. For males the deformity is not taken seriously as society treats them differently. For females their deformity becomes a traumatic experience when going for an interview, sitting for an exam or even working in an office.

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