Avoid Unwanted Holiday Weight Gain

There?s no problem gaining weight during this time of year. We seem to eat more and are less active as we spend more time indoors. Below are a few tips by which hopefully we can avoid the season’s after effects:

  • Try drinking a glass of water before meals.
  • Eat low fat cheese and margarine, and increase your fruit and vegetable intake.

  • Another way is to burn more or at least as many calories as you take in. Loosely translated, get off the couch, get outside and get active.

  • Go split some firewood. Walk around the block?several times. Put down that leaf blower and pick up a rake to deal with those final piles of leaves.
  • Try and keep up with your kids (or grandkids) on their new Christmas toys.

There are several indoor exercise activities that people can do to burn extra calories. A 135-140 lb. person can burn the following calories with 30 minutes of these activities.

  • Dancing (77 calories),
  • Housework (126)
  • Mopping (119)
  • Scrubbing Floors and or Stair Climbing (200).

Outdoor activities are:

  • Biking (175 calories),
  • Jogging (250 calories),
  • Hiking (217) and
  • Walking (150).

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