Health through safety!

Health through safety! 1
  • Don’t ever let pesticide, even a small droplet, get into food. Don’t let the sprayed pesticide also get into food.
  • If a small droplet of pesticide has fallen on your skin/hand, wash your hand immediately; pesticides get absorbed through the skin.
  • Before  spraying insecticides, in the kitchen walls/cupboards, remove all the food items. Spraying should be done during night time. Wet mop the cupboards before storing again.
  • Cover your nose, preferably with a wet cloth, when spraying insecticides/pesticides.
  • For food items “First in first out” practice should be followed by all  and, more so, in regions where the humidity is high.
  • Storage of food items should be in airtight containers/utensils to protect them from dust, insects, and moisture.
  • If the food has been cooked in aluminium or brass utensils then – transfer the cooked food into a clean serving utensil before consuming (this is to prevent the erosive action of salt/turmeric/tamarind/lemon with aluminium, brass etc.).
  • Boil the milk before consumption & keep it in a cool place/refrigerator to prevent curdling. It should be covered with a porous cover. Do not consume raw milk.
  • Separate out raw, cooked & ready to eat foods while shopping, preparing or storing foods.
  • Do not leave food outside in summer months for long time. Try & eat freshly prepared food everyday.
  • Refrigerate perishable foods promptly, prepared food and left over within 2 hours. If refrigerator is not available then regulate the amount of food cooked, so that there is minimal leftover food and food doesn’t have to be stored.
  • Do not store food for too long in the refrigerator/freezer.
  • Boil/filter the drinking water before storing it in clean & covered utensil. Use a spoon/glass with a long handle to remove water. Don’t insert your hand/fingers in drinking water. Don’t drink directly from bottles containing drinking water which are shared amongst individuals. Pour the water into a glass.
  • Do not use packed food beyond its expiry date .
  • Do not consume food in tetra packs/tins which have leaks or are puffed, even if they are well within the expiry date.
  • All ready foods or fast to make foods, sold in packets, usually have some kind of oxidant like baking powder or soda-bicarbonate and should be used very occasionally.
  • Pickles in general are high in salt and should be used in moderation. They should be avoided in people who have high blood pressure are have a family history of strokes or heart attacks. Pickles should be made and preserved through proper hygiene using traditional wisdom rather than preserved with the use of artificial preservatives. All the pickles available in the market and in restaurants have been prepared and preserved using artificial preservatives rather than hygiene used in traditional wisdom and should be consumed in moderation or avoided .
  • Boil your drinking water everyday. Make sure the water boils for 10 minutes after it has reached boiling point and is already boiling. Don’t put your hands in the container (urn, ghada) with water, use a long handled spoon/glass to do it( with an appropriate diagram)”
  • Greens, vegetables and fruits need to be thoroughly washed, because of faeces from pigs on the vegetables and greens which we consume. Cysticercosis an infestation only in non-vegetarians is also seen in vegetarians in India. . .
  • Wash fruits vegetables, cereals, pulses and other raw materials with clean water and thoroughly; rub the surface of the fruits and vegetables till clean, before consuming them. (wash repeatedly till the draining water is clear)
  •  Do not use food beyond its expiry date. While buying packaged food even if the food is well before the expiry date, ensure that the package is not puffed up or dented. The outer packing should look new and not old. The packing should not be punctured in any place. While opening it if there is any air sound or hissing sound then please do not consume the contents as they can lead to food poisoning. As soon as the packaged is opened place it in the refrigerator. Consume it within the stipulated time .

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