Keep fit and look good for Xmas and New Year

Keep fit and look good for Xmas and New Year 1

Do you know? A total body work out includes Aerobics, Callisthenics and strength training.

Make sure you are playing fast rythmic music when you work out. This not only helps you to keep a constant exercise pace, but also makes you enjoy the workout. Wear comfortable work-out clothes, and stable sports shoes.
Always consult a doctor before you adopt any kind of exercise regime.

Aerobics include warm-ups a few of which are explained below. All aerobic exercises begin with a standing posture.
Breathing should be normal while doing aerobics.

To firm the Triceps, keep both the upper arms firm and lift the left forearm up and get the right forearm down. Repeat this till you feel the strain on your triceps.

Kick Back for quadriceps, calf and hamstring :
Take both the arms over the head and bring down touching your left leg and then the right leg as you lift each leg. Repeat fifty times to get a good warm up .

Side legs raise for the hips and obliques. Raise your leg outward fold it and bring it Up towards your shoulder level. Once to the left and once to the right. Repeat this till you feel the burn on your hips and obliques.

Cross leg raise for the stomach and leg. Place one foot in front and the other at the back. Now stretch and raise your front foot up,touch it with your hand. Don’t kick just raise your legs as your reach out to feel the strain on your abdomen.

Cha Cha Cha step is a work out for your legs and also a warm up.
Stretch your feet out and then in now take it back and then in. Do this a few times.

Here we come to the end of aerobics and now its time for Calisthenics.

Calisthenics consist of floor exercise and stretches. You will need a rectangular mat for the workout.

Remember to exhale as you exert for each exercise.
Your head should always be raised and should be alligned to the body.

Criss Cross stretch helps to release the muscle to avoid any muscular injury while exercising. Sit up feet apart cross right arm over to left toe and left arm over to right one.

Reverse touch: This is a work out for the lower abdomen. Lie down and place the hands below the hips bend your knees high towards your chest by raising your hip off the mat and kick out. Do this fifty times.

Alternate leg raise – This is for the abdomen : Lie down with your hands under your hips and raise both your legs

Back Stretch is helpful for your thighs and the lower back. Sit up, feet apart and slowly try to touch your nose to the floor by bending your back to feel the strain on your inner thighs and lower back.

Side stretch for the obliques. Lie down and turn to your right with your right hand on the stomach to support your body with the right elbow raise both your legs off the floor simultaneously with your left elbow. Do the same for the left side with your elbow.

Sit ups for your upper abdomen. Lie down and bend your knees. Make sure that your feet are kept flat. Slowly raise your head with your palm behind your head and raise your upper body towards your knees like a sit-up to feel the strain on your upper abdomen.

Criss Cross Cycling both the upper and lower abdomen. Lie down on the floor. Fold your hands behind your head. Now touch your right elbow to the left knee and left elbow to the right knee. Make sure that when one knee is bent the other leg stretches low and straight.

For your hips, thighs and legs: Lie down on one side with both the palms on the floor. Now fold your knees and bring them high to your chest, straighten your leg and raise it high and then lower it. Do this until 20 counts on the same side and follow with step 9 given below.
Get into a position where you stand on with your knees and palm on the floor. Now slowly raise one leg with the thigh parallel to the floor. Get it to your shoulder level again take it back parallel and bring down to the starting position do this for fifty counts. After this do the 8th and 9th on the other side of your body too

Coolers: This is to bring you back to your pre-excercise state. Lie down on your stomach with hands folded in front. Now raise and lower your right hand and your left leg simultaneously. Do the same for your left hand and right leg too .This is a very good exercise for lower back ache.

Lie down on your stomach. Raise both your hands and legs and hold on for fifty counts and then slowly lower

Come up on your knees, stretch your back with your hips low thighs apart arms straight. Turn your head and release for a minute. This exercise gives you a good stretch for your back.

Here we finish the Calisthenics and now its strength training.

Strength training – This is equally important because for every pound of muscle you put on you can burn 50 more calories a day thereby increasing your basic metabolic rate. Always remember to use light weights and do more repetitions till you feel the burn. This helps in toning up the muscle. Filled water bottle will do if dumbbell is not available.

Hold a light dumbbell and extend your arm fully down and curl up your forearm, keeping your upper arm firm thereby contracting your biceps always remember that when you contract your muscle you exert and therefore exhale.

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