How to Keep Migraine Away

How to Keep Migraine Away 1

Migraine is a terrible pain that attacks one side of the head and turns a normal life topsy-turvy with an inkling as to what hell must be like. The symptoms of migraine are irritability, depression,blurred vision,nausea,mood change and sleep disturbances.It has been found that women are more prone to migraine than men. In most of the cases it is hereditary.

Factors that trigger migraine are Work stress,physical exertion,loud music,too much of television and in some cases high blood pressure lead to migraine. Milk chocolates, chinese salt, aginomoto, caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol,tobacco triggers migraine attack.

Types of migraine the most common form of migraine that most of the patients suffer is a throbbing headache on one side for a few hours.This sometimes leads to nausea,photophobia(where a patient cannot face bright light) A severe kind of migraine is where there is loss of sensation and muscular power and visual disturbances along with severe pain. In certain rare cases the pain is continuous and is for more than three days,this kind of migraine is called status migraine. How to keep away the pain? Migraine cannot be permanently treated but one can try the following tips to avoid the pain and get some relief.

1.Pain killers help a lot in the initial stage of the pain. Make sure you take them when you feel the pain and not at the advanced stage.

2.Try and avoid the factors that trigger migraine.note why and when you get the migraine attack.try and avoid those things that you feel is the cause for migraine (note the factors that trigger migraine given above).

3.People who get migraine out of physical exertion should try to avoid exerting themselves by planning and allocating their work load in such a manner that it does not burden them.

4 Proper sleep is very necessary for every person prone to migraine.sleeping relaxes the mind and relieves tension.

5.Migraine due to heat can be avoided by not going out in the sun for a long time.

6.If suffering from high blood pressure proper treatment should be taken.

7.There are methods like yoga,meditation,relaxation and aroma therapy that have helped a lot of people in many cases.

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