The Natural Energy Boosters

The Natural Energy Boosters 1

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According to Ayurveda, the real energy-boosters are fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains. These are the foods that have a healing and nurturing influence of nature. They fight with the fatigue-causing toxins. Fruits are also a rich source of energy. You can start the day with a stewed apple, and if you feel hungry in between meals, try snacking on a juicy pear. If you are feeling heavy and bloated after lunch, eat a fresh papaya it contains enzymes aiding digestion.

Vitis spp. Raisins/Khismis pacifies the mind and heart and increases the coordination between them. They are also a rich source of iron and Vitamin B6, and provide magnesium, calcium, zinc and potassium. Raisins should be soaked in water overnight to aid digestion. One handful per person is a good amount.

Similarly, a Phoenix dacttylifera (Khajur) – A date-milk energy shake is a nourishing way to end the day because it promotes good sleep. The date-milk shake is also given during convalescence from fever and small pox. Its infusion with water relieves alcoholic intoxication. The fruit is used as relief from sore throat, cough, asthma, cold, laryngitis, chest complaints, fevers, dysentery and liver complaints. A paste of date seeds is applied to the eyelids in opacity of the cornea

Citrullus vulgaris-Water Melon (Kaling): contains a good source of potassium, vitamins A and C. Just two cups of watermelon provides 18 milligrams of cancer-fighting antioxidant lycopene, which is more than in a medium sized tomato. It is also advised to keep watermelon at room temperature since they have much higher levels of antioxidants (beta-carotene and lycopene) than those that are refrigerated.

Mangifera indica-the mango (Ambo) is very rich in medicinal properties. With its rich vitamin content and fibre, mangos are attracting new attention, as cancer fighters.

All parts of the mango plant from the seeds and the flowers, to the leaves and gum are used as medicines. The unripe fruit roasted, and dissolved in water and made into a syrup with sugar is taken to prevent sunstroke. The ripe fruit is considered laxative, and therefore much prized by persons labouring under habitual constipation. Ripe mango is a suitable choice for hypertensive patients, as it is a good source of potassium and only contains traces of sodium. The mango is highly recommended for pregnant women and individuals suffering from anaemia because of its iron content. Mango helps the skin become softer, gives it a shining glow and is effective in opening clogged skin pores. It contains a large amount of tryptophan, the precursor to the “happiness-hormone” serotonin. Mango products are a good complementary food for children of weaning age as they contain the necessary vitamins. Mango juice helps prevent mental weakness and improves concentration and memory. The bark and the kernel are known as astringent and used in haemorrhage, diarrhoea and other discharges. The juice of the kernel, if snuffed, can stop nasal bleeding. The kernel is also described as an anthelmintic and contains a large quantity of garlic acid, highly useful in bleeding piles and menorrhagia. Mango leaves have anti-inflammatory, diuretic and cardiotonic properties. Dried and powdered mango leaves are a good treatment for excreting renal stones and improving hair growth. Mango leaves are also an effective treatment for burns. A decoction of mango bark, added to one gram of black salt helps treat diarrhoea. Mango root paste can reduce fever when applied to the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet. The gum of the mango tree is used for cracked feet with good effect. Dried mango seed is good as toothpaste. It strengthens the gums and helps in curing dental problems like pyorrhoea and halitosis.

Musa paradisiaca- Bananas/ (Keli): can help cure or prevent hangovers. Eating a banana can help relaxing, pounding nasty hangover headache. They also contain tryptophan that gives you good sleep and is rich in vitamin C. If you are tired, have a glass of water and eat a banana before heading for bed and have a good night’s sleep! Bananas are a natural antacid and will get rid of a nasty case of heartburn in most cases.

Punica granatum- Pomegranates/ (Dalimb) are high in the disease-fighting antioxidants, plus they contain ellagic acid, which has been found to promote cell death of cancer cells.

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