Vegetables And Their Health Benefits

Vegetables And Their Health Benefits 1

People consume food to stay fit and healthy. It is recommended to include fresh vegetables and fruits in your daily diet for a good physic. Here you can find the list of vegetables and their health benefits that help you know about the food you consume.


Tomatoes are fiber rich foods which keep cholesterol levels in the body in control. They contain several antioxidants which control the body weight . Tomatoes contain lycopene which  protects you from several diseases like breast cancer, prostate cancer and some other skin diseases. Raw tomatoes contains vitamin-c, vitamin B-complex and zea- xanthan.


Peas are fast growing starch rich foods which contains several minerals such as zinc and iron and vitamins like niacin and pyridoxine. They are tremendous sources of vitamin K, ascorbic acid and folic acid.


Onions possess vitamins like folate and pantothenic acid which protects from neurotic conditions. They are low-fat dietary fiber rich vegetables. Antioxidants such as Isothiocyanate  in onions can cure a cold and quercetin is used to treat diabetes.


Riboflavin and folate are abundant in radish which secures body health. They are considered as low-calorie foods and cure ovarian and prostate cancer.


Pumpkins contain several health-benefiting minerals and mono-saturated fatty acids. It is recommended by dietitians to control body cholesterol. It contains several vitamins which rescues human body from oral cavity and lung cancers.

Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are store houses of potassium, iron and vitamin-K. It doesn’t contain any saturated fats. It contains a high amount of amylose and amylopectin which can be consumed by diabetes patients also. It has several minerals, enzymes and carbohydrates essential for body metabolism.


They are considered to be the store houses of vitamin-A and carotene which protects from lung and skin cancer. It acts as an excellent antiseptic and prevents aging and gives an attractive skin. Carrots help in automatic cleansing of teeth, gums and body. Carotenoids in carrots prevent harmful heart diseases. Eating fresh carrots can cure dental problems.


Cabbage is a rich source of vitamin K, which promotes osteotrophic activities in bones. It has powerful antioxidants which protect our body from breast and prostate cancers. Cabbage is rich in sulphur which cures ulcers. For a better and healthy life add cabbage in your regular diet.


Cucumber is used to cure Alzheimer’s disease as it contains more amount of vitamin K. It contains no saturated fats, so people who are on strict diet can eat them without hesitating. Cucumber peel can cure skin irritations and boosts hair growth. Cucumber contains hormones that control blood pressure. Have a slice of cucumber to get rid of morning hangover.


Cauliflower contains several minerals and vitamins which helps to prevent  bladder  and ovarian cancer. To protect yourself from various heart diseases it is preferable to eat cauliflower. It contains glucoraphin which cures stomach and intestinal cancers. It contains anti-aging radicals that helps skin look young and healthy. Pregnant women are prescribed to eat cauliflower as it contains folate which reduces birth defects.

So start eating all the vegetables to enjoy their benefits.

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