Vermicelli Kheer

Vermicelli Kheer 2


Vermicelli Kheer 3

* Vermicelli 100 gms

* Milk 1/2 lt

* Raisins 25 gms

* Cashewnuts 25 gms

* Cardamom powder 1/2 tsp

* Ghee 1 tbsp

* Sugar substitute 15 tablets


* Heat a teaspoon of ghee in a pan, fry raisins, cashewnuts and keep aside.

* In the same pan, roast vermicilli and keep aside.

* Boil milk and add vermicelli cook till it turns soft and the milk is of thick consistency.

* Remove from flame and let it cool. Add sugar substitute and mix well.

* Add raisins, cashewnuts and cardamom powder and mix well. Serve hot or cold.

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