How to Grow Plants Indoors Even If You Have Limited Lighting

How to Grow Plants Indoors Even If You Have Limited Lighting 1

There are simple solutions that will allow you to expand the space you have to grow plants indoors. Here’s what you need to know.

Are you an avid indoor gardener? Is your home filled to the brim with plants and flowers? If so, you may find that you’re running out of space for your growing greenery. This can be a particular problem if your home has limited window space to illuminate your plants. The best solution for expanding your ability to grow plants indoors is to increase the amount of space that receives sunlight in your home. If you don’t want to go to the expense and effort of building a greenhouse, there are still options available to you for growing plants indoors:

Build a Window Case

This can be an inexpensive and effective option for growing plants indoors. If you do the work yourself without the benefit of a kit, you can construct a window case for less than $300.00 and the construction can be completed in a weekend. This is a very attractive option for growing plants and gives you the ability to grow a variety of flowering plants in west or south facing window cases. If your window case is constructed to receive the sun from the north or east, you can successfully grow greens for salads as well as herbs. If you want to construct a window case quickly and easily, a company called Tru-frame can provide you with a kit for getting the job done fast. Simply do a Google search for “Tru-frame greenhouse windows”. These windows not only allow you to grow your favorite plants indoors but also add beautiful sunlight to your home.

Build Window Shelves

Do you have a deep-set window frame in an area that receives the sunlight? If so, you can install glass shelves to hold your plants. It can be as simple as having one half inch glass shelves cut to the dimensions of your window frame. The glass shelves can be placed on steel corner brackets that you install into the window casing on each side. This is an ultra simple and inexpensive solution for giving your plants more light and room to grow. Window shelves will also add a touch of beauty to your home.

Add Supplemental Lighting

Sometimes you can use the space you have for growing plants indoors by adding supplemental lighting. One solution if your house is limited by light is to add fluorescent lamps or a fluorescent lighting system to your home. Be sure to shop around and get good quality fluorescent lighting since some inexpensive shop fixtures will have a limited life span. You can also use reflective mylar with these fixtures to direct more light to your growing plants. Pay a visit to your local greenhouse or nursery and see what home lighting solutions they have available to meet your indoor growing needs.

You can still enjoy watching beautiful plants and flowers grow in your home even if your home is limited on space and light. Why not see if one of these solutions will work for you?

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