How to Plant a Garden

man wearing blue denim jacket standing on flower field

There are many benefits to having your garden.  You can relish in the fact that you grew something healthy for your family to eat.  It is a great exercise to plant a garden.   You will save money on produce at the store.  It adds a nice scenery to your property.  But whatever reason you plant a garden, you still need to know what to do. Here are some tips and ideas that may just help you out.

  1. Draw out a plan as to where things in the garden will be located.  Take this to your garden with you for reference.
  2. Measure out the rows in your garden as well as how much space is needed between each plant.
  3. Start planting the garden from the inside and work your way out.  The tallest plants should be located in the middle.  Only plant as deep as the original container that the plants were in.
  4. Use plant supports where needed in the garden.
  5. Mix up your fertilizer and apply it according to the directions on the packaging of the fertilizer.

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