The Good Effects Of Storytelling With Your Child

person carrying baby while reading book

Whenever you watch a family movie, you will always notice that at bedtime, the dad or the mum in the family has to tell their child a story. It is a must for a bedtime story to be told to the little ones if the night is to end.

It is an ancient tradition that has been used over and over again to teach children different values they need in life. Their creativity, for example, is one of the first things nurtured as a story does not come with any graphics or pictures, so they have to conjure up their own.

If, for instance, you try to ask a child to illustrate snow-white, they will come up with a splitting image of what you see from Walt Disney. If you ask them to do the same with a less popular character; however, you will not get the same results because they will do it how they perceived it from their thoughts.

The moral here is that storytelling exercises the child’s visions. It teaches them how to come up with pictures or words from what they have seen in their mind.

Culture has been for years passed on from generation to generation through the art of storytelling. Social values and principles that we all must live by are included as well.

The kids can learn compassion and morality. They can begin to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. Their roles in society begin to become more and more apparent to them. Different things like trust and empathy will begin to make sense to them.

Waiting for daddy or mummy to get to the climax of the story will teach them how to practice patience and respect towards their elders. They will also be learning good listening skills as well.

Bedtime stories are not just bedtime stories; they are excellent teaching tools, and each occasion to tell one should thus be treated as such.

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