Growing Beautiful Ferns

Growing Beautiful Ferns 1

Home gardeners love fern, but if you have no garden, you can still enjoy ferns. They grow as beautifully in the house as in the garden. They originally came from the jungle so they need a moist environment and indirect light. You can grow them in pots, ceramic bowls or in pretty glass containers.

Ferns are easy to grow and they make beautiful decorations in a window shelves,  hanging baskets, tables or stacked in a corner.  You can’t go wrong with ferns. Choose a loose, nutrient rich soil that retains moisture. To make it light and airy add a handful of peat moss. You can also place sheets or chunks of moss around  the base of the plant to keep the soil moist.  Alexander Hayden, botanist of Home Gardeners magazine says, “Most ferns prefer cool temperatures of 55 to 65 and indirect sunlight. East or North facing windows give the best light. “

For more moisture try putting pebbles or river rocks in the bottom of a saucer or dish, adding water and placing the pot on top of the stones. New York floral designer, Lydia Craig suggest grouping ferns in pots on a plant tray filled with white gravel.he says, ” no need for saucers. Water drains right into the plant tray.”  You could also use a large metal serving try to place the gravel and fern pots on.

Ferns are graceful beauties suspended from ceilings from moss baskets or other containers. Just be sure to remove the pot often from the holder to see that it’s kept moist. Ferns are beautiful anywhere you place them. I love them hanging from the ceiling on the front porch. I love them on window shelves or stacked in corners. With enough moisture and not too much light they grow year after year, becoming larger and more beautiful. If you have even a very small yard with shade, you can stack pots of fern near trees or shrubbery for a lush green look. I had hollowed out logs filled with soil and fern one year. If you have a handy hubby and if he can find a good sized tree to cut into lengths, you might love it as much as I did.

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