3 Ways to Bring the Outside In

3 Ways to Bring the Outside In 1

Want a quick way to add warmth and relaxation to a room?  Add a touch of the outdoors, and your home will instantly feel more alive, more inviting, more…natural.

Here are 3 easy ways to bring the outside in:

  • Indoor Window Boxes

Sure, window boxes are beautiful outside, but think about how lovely they would be inside your home.  Window boxes are available in a wide variety of materials: wood, iron, copper, wicker, etc.  Choose a material that coordinates with your décor.

Once you have chosen a box, fill it with your favorite flowers or plants.  But instead of putting the dirt right in the box, keep your plants in separate pots, and put the pots in your flower box.  This way, you can remove the pots and water the plants in the sink.  Allow the plants to drain in the sink before you put them back in the flower box.

Here’s a fun idea: Plant herbs in small pots and place the pots in a flower box on your kitchen window.  This not only brings nature into your kitchen, but it’s a great way to have delicious, natural flavors for your cooking – right at your fingertips.

  • Clean

Grab some outdoor-scented household-cleaners (floral, pine, rain) and freshen your whole house.  Sprinkle carpet freshener on rugs and upholstered furniture, and vacuum it away, leaving a fresh, clean scent.  Wash your draperies or send them to the dry-cleaners.  Now open your windows and let the fresh air in.

Tip: Clutter adds to the feeling of being “stuck inside.”  Simply tidying up will add the feeling of spaciousness to any room.


  • Add Color

There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to make a space feel fresh and bright.  Choose colors that you see outside your windows.  Natural, woodsy shades will add warmth and comfort; vivid, floral hues will add instant cheer.

If you’re not up for painting, simply add some colorful accessories.  Pillows are great for bringing an outdoor freshness to your sofa or bed.  Vibrant candles spread around your den will create a garden-like feeling.  A new, colorful tablecloth will make you feel like you are dining “al fresco.”

Easy hint: Bring the outdoors into a room by hanging a colorful painting on the wall.  If your painting reflects an outdoor scene, you can be transported to that place whenever you look at it.

So there’s no need to take a camping trip the next time you want to connect with nature.  Follow these simple tips, and you can enjoy the outdoors indoors!


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