Grandma’s top ten home remedies to combat colds and flu this winter!

Grandma's top ten home remedies to combat colds and flu this winter! 1
  1. Chicken soup! Everyone agrees that chicken soup can help a cold. The steam helps to open your respiratory system and soothe your throat. The soup helps to keep you hydrated and the ingredients are nourishing to help with recovery. Vegetarians can have vegetable broth with lots of onion.
    2. Garlic. Research proves the immune boosting properties of garlic
    3. A hot bath. Getting into a hot bath will warm you up and the steam will open your airways. When you get out of the bath, the temperature drop will help you to feel sleepy and reduce fever.
    4. A luke warm cloth – wiping the face and body down with a warm facecloth can help reduce fever.
    5. Feed a cold. Research has shown that eating (especially healthy food) increases body levels of gamma interferon – an immune response where T cells destroy cells invaded by pathogens like the flu virus.
    6. Eat oranges. Of course we now know that oranges contain Vitamin C which is an important vitamin for a strong immune system.
    7. Inhale ‘Vicks’ in hot water it helps to open up your lungs and help you to breathe better!
    8. Eucalyptus or lavender – essential oil on your pillow. Eucalyptus helps to open airways and is a natural anti-viral. So is lavender – which also helps you to sleep.
    9. Chamomile tea – Calming properties of chamomile really do relax you, bring down a fever and help you to sleep.
    10. A good chest rub with some Vicks, and on the feet for good measure.

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