Further Tips to Help you Sleep

Further Tips to Help you Sleep 1

Do Not Eat or Drink Right Before Bed

As stated, do not eat or drink before going to bed or after waking up in the middle of the night. Digestion may interrupt your sleep cycle. Water is fine though. If awoken during sleep, in the middle of the night, it be best to simply lie in your warm and dark room until you fall back asleep.

Do Not Try to Catch-Up on Missed Sleep

Catching up on a previous bad night’s sleep by sleeping more the next night does not work… AT ALL. If you happened to sleep for 3 hours last night, don’t think you can fix the problem by sleeping an extra 5 hours the night coming up (13 hours)… it is best to simply stick to your schedule and forget about last night’s lack of a full night’s sleep. You’ll be doing harm, not good by “Catching up.”

Do Not Sleep Near Electronical Items

As said in the previous section. Electromagnetic Frequencies/Waves have a negative effect on our sleep cycle. Among them is fatigue, insomnia, paranoia, that creepy feeling, hallucinations among others things.

Sleep with a Clear Mind

Take care of all important things a few hours before sleeping. It is not healthy to go to bed with a mind full of things to do. Makes sense, right?

Use your Bed for Sleeping Only

It’s interesting how the mind works. It attributes certain things to certain tasks. What I mean is, don’t use your bed to do work like homework and whatnot. Allow your mind to recognize your bed is meant for sleep and sleep alone… and it shall become that. 🙂

Wake Up when Meant To

As said, keeping a strict sleep schedule will have enormous benefits in overcoming sleep disorders. Stay away from the snooze button and get up when you planned to, even if you don’t want to. You’ll save yourself in the end.

Sleep with your Blinds/Curtains Open

As I said previously, melatonin is the hormone of sleep. Levels rise when there is, literally, darkness around you and fall when there is light. It makes perfect sense to let the sun be your brain’s cue to lower the melatonin levels so that you start to feel awake, by letting the sun hit your eyes when it’s meant to. (morning)

Schedule the Most Work when You are the Most Awake

This is pretty self-explanatory and obvious, but, when you have things to do, let them be done when you are feeling the most awake, so that the evening is yours to relax, making it easier for fatigue to set in when it’s meant to. (night)

Practice Relaxation Breathing Techniques

Breathing is a lot more important than you think. Proper breathing goes hand in hand with martial arts, yoga, pacing and relaxation. For relaxation, I’ve enclosed this courtesy video, not done by me, by the way. 😀


No time to get all “superstitious” now! Meditation has been practiced since the dawn of our existence. If we’re truly focused and in touch with ourselves, meditation can have boundless positive health/mental/psychological effects. Give it a try. 🙂


I seem to suggest yoga as a potential solution for just about everything, don’t I? That’s only because the benefits are THAT good. Body, Mind and Spirit (My apologies for including Spirit if you are atheist :3) together. Don’t underestimate this, especially if you have yet to try it, and seriously.

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