A Fruit A Day Keeps Diseases Away

A Fruit A Day Keeps Diseases Away 1

The most common fruit related myth is that bananas are fattening. Another myth is that fruits need to be eaten on an empty stomach or else they won’t get digested and will putrefy in the intestine. It is true that whoever created these myths have successfully convinced a large number of people into believing them.

It is best to serve a seasonal fruit after a meal, usually after dinner. Majority of the people know that fruits are good for health but not all of them eat fruits regularly. Did you know that nutritionally, the recommended quantity of fruit for consumption per day is 100gm per person.

Good Things About Fruits

  • Fruits are 100% natural food

  • Fruits provide quick energy and can be used as a snack between meals aswell

  • Most Fruits contain a lot of moisture and are also low in fat and calories which makes it useful for weight-watchers.

  • None of the fruits contain cholesterol and can be eaten by people who have high cholesterol as well. Only people with high triglycerides need to control their fruits intake.

  • They are rich sources of fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minderals.

  • Fruits contain potassium which is useful to control blood pressure.

  • Fruits are also used in making deserts as they are quite sweet to taste.

  • Dry fruits like raisins, figs, dates are higher in nutrients than their fresh counter parts. Since they give high calories, its best to eat them in small quantities.

Facts About Fruits Comsumption

The most commonly asked question is “The best way to eat fruits”. Fruits have to be consumed fresh and raw as they are. The next best thing to eating a fresh fruit is rinking fresh fruit juice without sugar or salt. However fruit juice contains no fibre. Fruit juices are useful for sports persons when they require fluids and quick energy, or for convalescent who cannot eat or digest whole fruits. If you don’t have access to fresh fruit or fruit juice, go for packaged juices preferable without sugar or natural fruit preserves. Make sure that you wash the fruits in water throughly to remove the surface pesticides (depends, if any).

Always remember that a fruit a day can keep many diseases away.

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