13 Tips to a Beautiful Body

Of course there are things you can’t skimp on-like you’ve got to exercise whether you like it or not-but this thing is not as rigid as some experts make it out to be.? After all, we are all different.

Here are some tips which may help you (and me) on your quest for that body beautiful:

  1. Find a good gym. The equipment must be sound and the trainers must know what they’re doing. Those two things are essential if you don’t want to damage yourself.
  2. Cut down on grease full stop. That means baking and steaming rather than frying. Stewing is not bad if you don’t use any oil (brown the meat with sugar or browning alone). It also means cut down on snacks, especially fat-filled ones like certain corn chips.
  3. Eat lots of steamed, not boiled, vegetables. Boiling them takes away half the nutrients.
  4. Don’t over-eat. Better to eat small amounts often than to stuff your face and stretch your stomach.
  5. Keep sugar to a minimum, especially in drinks. Go for natural juices or sugar-free soft drinks if possible and cut down on sugar in hot drinks.
  6. Don’t hang with negative people-stick around people who’ll help boost your confidence. When you feel good, you’re more likely to persevere.
  7. Don’t be too hard on yourself-which is not the same as being overly easy on yourself. If there are setbacks, get up and keep going. Don’t let a mistake become permanent.
  8. Keep fit for life and not just for Carnival or Christmas etc. This is a way of living and it can be enjoyable.
  9. If or when you do pig out, make sure it’s in moderation and that you burn it off.
  10. Consult a nutritionist if you’re having problems with your new menu.
  11. Drink tons of water. You can substitute juice with water sometimes.
  12. Give yourself a time limit to reach your target-a birthday or anniversary perhaps. It helps to keep you focused.
  13. If you can afford it, hire a personal trainer.

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