What is Missing from a Healthy Life?

What is Missing from a Healthy Life? 1

In a very healthy lifestyle, what things are genuinely devoid? Fast food may come to mind, but I contend even that can have a part, though admittedly a tiny part. Unfortunately eating on the go is part of a hectic life. Many things can be done to plan ahead and thus avoid the need to rely on convenience foods, but there are always exceptional situations. So what else? Ice cream? Coffee? Beer? Soda? Again I’d suggest that virtually anything can have some minor existence, as long as it’s in moderation.

So what is it that’s missing from this healthy life we described? It’s not devoid of freedom of choice. What’s missing is quite the opposite. A healthy life is one that is not dependent on non-nutritive substances (obviously we’re all dependent on air, water, and food). A healthy person generates his or her emotional states, perhaps with the energy of others. The genuinely healthy rely on the brain and not on external substances such as cigarettes, coffee, alcohol, drugs, or even chocolate for mood enhancement. An exception is, of course, those who are on doctor prescribed medication to treat various illnesses.

The point is that one cannot have a healthy lifestyle until he or she is free from addiction, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, or taking drugs. There are many types of addictions, from gambling to sex to drugs, and many of these compulsions stifle the motivation to get truly healthy.

If you or someone you know has a problem with drugs or alcohol, I will urge you to seek help right way. Don’t let these substances ruin more lives. Take immediate action. For those not in this situation, be thankful and be sure not to ever give your life over to chemicals. Express yourself through exercise and healthy activities instead of destroying your body and mind by taking the easy way out. I have no problem with moderately enjoying the bounty of life, but once the line of moderation is crossed, it’s quite challenging to get back into the health zone without professional assistance. Never be reluctant to ask for help.

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