Suggestions for a better snack

Suggestions for a better snack 3
Suggestions for a better snack 4Plan ahead so that you have the desired food at hand when you need it.
Therefore, you will not be forced to choose from a limited selection in a vending machine or whatever you can find in your fridge.
Suggestions for a better snack 5Instead of munching absentmindedly, make snacking a conscious activity.
Try eating snacks without doing something else such as watching TV. Otherwise you may easily overeat without realizing it.
*Choose lower-fat snacks (Choose lower-fat snacks)
*Choose nutrient-rich foods.
These are foods that have the most nutrition, but are also low in fat. Examples can be found in the Daily Food Guide.
*Be aware of hidden fat and sugar.
Some snack foods sound nutritious but may contain more fat and sugar than you realize. Always check the food label and choose a lower-fat version if it’s available.

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