I am an overweight 25 year-old……What should I do that I don’t do already to lose fat?

I am an overweight 25 year-old……What should I do that I don’t do already to lose fat? 1

Q: I am an overweight 25 year-old. My weight ranges between 100-105 kilograms and my height is 1.65 metres. I take multivitamins and I drink lots of water. I don’t exercise. What should I do that I don’t do already to lose fat?

A: It never makes any sense as to why people avoid exercise and expect to lose weight, keep it off or stay slim. Regular physical activity is the body’s way of using up energy. When we don’t use it up, it gets stored. Our bodies are programmed to store energy as fat. So the less energy we use, the more fat we will store; especially if we take in excess energy by overeating or eating lots of junk foods. The bottom line is that in order to lose fat or use up energy we have to figure out a way to be active every single day. If we don’t, we are likely to become fat, if we are not already, or fatter than we already are. The moral is that weight gain might be inevitable for many people and it is probably not all our fault, it is the fault of modern living. Some people are more prone to fat gain than others but that doesn’t mean we must sit back and let the fat accumulate. Everyone is responsible to keep their bodies healthy and active. So, the first thing we need to do is start exercising every day. That does not mean we need to start running marathons. All we need to do is include 10 or 15 minute chunks of movement, several times a day into our life. You can either go to the gym, buy home exercise equipment, simply walk, run or ride around the block, climb some stairs or turn on your iPod and dance!

Weight management has a diet component, too. Although we might be able to slide and eat more by exercising more, it’s still important to control portions and make smart, nutritious food choices. Taking a multivitamin is an interesting start. Presently, there has been no research that suggests that there is a solid connection between meeting our daily nutrient needs and staying at a healthy weight. So there is no evidence that taking a multivitamin will have any effect on your weight. Of course, every biochemical reaction in the body, such as fat burning, fat storing and muscle repair, depends upon a variety of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to facilitate the process. It might be that if a person is low or deficient in certain substances, there may be some impairment somewhere in the body on a molecular level. Maybe this affects a person’s metabolism, body fat or energy levels. No one really knows and this would be difficult to research. So, right now, while taking a multivitamin may help you meet your nutrient needs and contribute to overall health, it’s probably not playing a role in your weight.

Drinking a lot of water is a good way to keep oneself hydrated, to help you feel full without eating extra and to quench thirst the no-calorie way instead of with sugary sodas, juices and sweetened drinks that only lead to weight gain.  Try to eat more fruits and vegetables, choose smaller portions, eat at regular intervals, don’t skip breakfast and don’t binge. Avoid drastic approaches and start figuring out a way to make healthier eating and regular activity a part of your daily existence. Many people expect dramatic results too soon, give it time and you will feel better and control your weight.

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