How to Improve Communications with Your Teen

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It is not easy to raise a teenager.  Many parents do not know how to talk to a teen, or if they do, then the teen often feels that the parent is nagging.  Here are some effective tips you can use to improve your communications with your teen.

  1. Ask open-ended questions.  Do not ask questions that they can only answer yes or no.  If they have to give more of a response then they will be more likely to talk to you.
  2. Know who your children’s friends are.  Do not pass judgment on them.  Just because you have heard bad things about the kid does not mean they are necessarily bad.  Invite friends over and let them know they are welcome.
  3. Let your child know that just because you have different views on things does not mean that they are right.  Let them have their own views.
  4. Make time for your child.  They often may not want to talk because they think that you are just too busy for them.

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