Here are five myths about snacking

Here are five myths about snacking 1

Despite the benefits that snacking can offer, many people think of snacks as something extra they shouldn’t eat. Snacking can help or hurt a healthful diet, so learn how to snack the right way!

Here are five myths about snacking

*Myth # 1 : Snacks are fattening.
Fact: Eating a snack between meals can take the edge off hunger, which might otherwise lead to overeating. Of course, it all depends of the choice of snack foods.

*Myth # 2 : Snacks spoil your appetite for meals
Fact: Eating a small amount of food, such as an apple or half a turkey sandwich a few hours before a meal will not spoil your appetite, and keeps you from getting so hungry that you would be inclined to overeat at your next meal.
*Myth # 3 : Snacking causes cavities
Fact: While snacks may expose the teeth to food (and decay-producing bacteria) more often, choosing foods that are not sticky and brushing your teeth afterward help prevent cavities.
*Myth # 4 : Snacking is the same as eating junk food
Fact: Snacking on foods from the Daily Food Guide can help fill in the gaps in meals to complete a healthful diet.
*Myth # 5 : Healthful snacking means I can never eat potato chips again
Fact: It’s possible to eat fun foods and still follow a low fat diet, but it requires little planning. Consider drinking nonfat milk instead of low-fat milk for example to make “room” for an extra teaspoon of fat.

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