Using A Home Gym Smith Machine

Using A Home Gym Smith Machine 1

A home gym Smith machine is a wonderful addition to any home gym. It can be used for exercises which focus on upper body strength training as well as lower body strength. This machine can take the place of many other types of equipment and can be utilized by every weightlifter in the family from novice to advanced and light to heavy. This article describes the function mechanisms of the home gym Smith machine as well as the different uses for this equipment.

What Is A Home Gym Smith Machine?

A home gym Smith machine is any of a variety of machines which feature a restrained barbell which can go up and down. The metal racks which contain the barbell keeps it attached to the home gym Smith machine itself and allows the user to set it down and, in essence, have an invisible spotter all the while she works out. Some suggest that the home gym Smith machine is inferior in some ways to a regular free barbell workout in that it disallows the whole weight of the bar to be the responsibility of the lifter. However, others suggest that it has other benefits which outweigh this possibility, such as the safety factor, and the home gym Smith machine is still a very worthwhile workout with fruitful benefits.

How Do Use A Home Gym Smith Machine?

A home gym Smith machine has a multitude of uses and is very simple to incorporate into one’s regular workout. Due to the vertical nature of the standing metal rack, one very obvious use is for the exercise of squats. The user simply stands beneath the highest rack, places the barbell on her or his shoulders and performs the squat per usual. An additional exercise in this position is the standing calf raise. The home gym Smith machine is perfect for this exercise! The appropriate weight should be place on the barbell and the user simply rises up and down on her or his toes in the usual standing calf raise fashion. Another use for the home gym Smith machine is the chest press. A bench is necessary for this exercise in that the user must lie on her or his back with the barbell parallel to her or his chest. Once on the bench, the chest press is easy enough to figure out and an awesome chest workout will result!

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