Setting A Home Gym Exercise Schedule

Setting A Home Gym Exercise Schedule 1

This sounds like it should be an easy thing to do, but life has a way of interrupting scheduled events, especially those intended to make us work. Establishing a home gym exercise schedule can be a challenge. It generally takes us a while to establish our goals – fitness, weight loss, muscle toning, fitting in a bathing suit or three piece suit.

Make A Plan

Start with making a plan. With the goal in mind, ask what is possible, desired and practical? Many people get incapacitated at this point and never proceed further than a desire or goal. But, if the goal is worthwhile, like using your home gym to get exercise, then the effort to establish a working plan is also worth it.

Here’s how we make a start – step by step. Add one thing to the plan. One small improvement will have a cumulative effect and if this is positive, then will also help with momentum and drive toward the larger goal.

Don’t get too grandiose at first. Simple achievements make for a great start. Running marathons comes later. They say if you want to make God laugh, just tell your plans!

Try Things Out For A Month

Change is inevitable so give your plan a little time. Again, small changes might yield big improvements, so if your exercises are too easy, up the weight or stretch them out a bit. It is a good sign and means you are working your plan. But, if you find that your home gym is out of sight or out in the hot garage, your exercise schedule may suffer. Place the home gym where exercise will be fun or at least inviting.

Regularity also plays a part in having your exercise plan succeed, so try to climb on the home gym every day or so, even if it’s a short visit. After a month, take a look at what the routine has been and make positive modifications, whether it is to add one more exercise or one more day a week.


Achieving a healthy lifestyle sounds great and even though the elements vary according to personal desires, having a conscious understanding of health is good. Establishing and keeping a home gym exercise schedule may prove to be an integral part of this healthy lifestyle.

Set a goal, make a plan, visit the home gym regularly, exercise your higher options and choose a healthy, happy lifestyle.

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