How to take care of your Back Muscles

How to take care of your Back Muscles 1

If you have ever had a back ache or pulled a muscle, you know how decapitating this can be. It may happen when you are at the mall walking through the alleys, it comes with a sharp pain and you jerk into an awkward posture and it is so sudden you fail to even ask for help. You may have noticed how people pass by with worried and scared looks on their faces hoping it?s not something contagious. Finding a remedy is not always easy in these situations but there is definitely something that you can do to encourage faster repair of your back muscles while at the same time, enabling you to cope with the painful back muscles. small-back-dimples

When you finally recover enough to get home, you need to lie down with a pack of ice pressed next to your back muscles. This will prevent the swelling from the muscle, or at least bring the swelling down. It will also help if you maintain a proper sitting posture to avoid further strain.

Using a heating pad, press down on the back for approximately half an hour since the heat is known to bring some relief to your back muscles. Get a warm bath. Get the water to be quite warm if you can stand it. This will minimize the muscle pain or spasms. For the time being as you wait to be cured, avoid bending to pick things and any other unnecessary movements. Try to be as slow as possible in moving to avoid further strain on your muscles. Take a muscle balm or a cream with pain relieving properties and apply on the aching area of you the back muscles and rub it in.

When you have regained some energy you can try to do some light workout which will ensure that your back is strengthened. You should take time to make sure that you have all your motion back to normal before starting these exercises for your back muscles.

You start by lying on your back on top of a firm surface then bend your knees and put your feet with the heels placed flat on the floor. With your hands placed firmly beneath your thighs, start pulling your knees in the direction of your chest. Do this until you start to feel a stretch. Maintain this position for about fifteen seconds. Put your feet back to the floor. Make sure they are flat on the ground before starting this routine all over again. Do them nine more times before stopping. Watch out for any pain or back muscles that are weak.

You are advised to consult your doctor in case your back muscle pain persists.

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