Tips to Using Washing Machines the Right Way

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Washing is an expense and it does play a role in your finances and in a big way too.
  • It is the job of detergent to clean the clothes, the washing machine just shakes the water, and this agitated water, in turn, helps the soap to penetrate into clothing and dislodge the dirt.
  • Every detergent be it wheel (cheaper end of the spectrum) or ariel (expensive end of the spectrum) comes with softeners, so do not worry much about hard water, bore water, etc…
  • You can put a top load and front load detergents in a semi machine but not vice versa. The soaps are classified based on how much suds / jhaag(Hindi: झाग् ) / boorougu(North Karnataka: ಬೂರಗ್ ) they produce. but the cleaning performance of all 3 types of soaps will be one and the same in their respective machines.
  • Front-load detergents produce the least suds.
  • Top load ones produce slightly higher than front ones. You cannot use these on fronts. Machine life will suffer if you do so.
  • The detergents for semi-automatics and handwash produce the most suds.
  • Mixing 2 detergents from different brands is an okay thing to do with semi-automatic ones. It won’t cause many problems.
  • Better to put detergents with clothes instead of its compartments in the machine.
  • If you have cloth soiled at a particular place ( armpits, between legs, ankles, foot, and collar are most common regions to get tougher stains). apply some liquid soap or soap paste over those regions.
  • In online portals, you get sheets called “color magnet/dye trapper”. Use a couple of these sheets when washing to reduce the “odds” of color run happening.
  • Another practice to avert color run accidents is to wash clothes inside out. SO any damage of color run will be on the inner side. Jeans are notorious for clour runs so be aware of it.
  • Fasten all buttons and zips. Remove all coins these things can damage the machine as a normal soft wash too puts massive 4-5Gs of force on clothes.
  • When your wash cycle is longer and you use a higher temperature setting for wash water, you can expect more cleanliness. The principle is ‘ hotter the water better the cleaning’ but making water hot reduces the life of clothes.
  • Wash load on the machine plays a big role in cleanliness. Too less load and too much load both reduce cleanliness. Better to weigh clothes and wash only halfway to the capacity mark.
  • After the wash keep the machine open for a while so that air can freely move in and dry it. Humidity causes more problems with mold growth etc.
  • Washing clothes is actually a “necessary evil”. Be it hand wash or machine wash both reduce the life of clothes.
  • The soaps which clean the clothes are also the ones that cause clour to bleed too.

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