The Four Stages of Sleep

The Four Stages of Sleep 1

When it comes to insomnia, there are four stages of sleep. Most people with insomnia fail to make it to the III and IV levels, which happens to be the rejuvenation stages.


Stage 1

When we’re awake, the brain gives off alpha waves. Whilst lying in bed, preparing for sleep, the brain gradually begins to shift into theta waves. These waves trigger that cozy drowsy feeling… it typically lasts for about 15 minutes, but if we’re woken up during this stage, we may say we weren’t sleeping at all. “I was just resting my eyes lol”


Stage 2

This is the stage where awareness of reality slips away.

Muscular activity, body temperature and heart rate all slow down.

This phase compromises roughly 50% of a night’s sleep in adults.


Stage 3/4

This is referred to as deep sleep. During stage 3, the brain releases the restorative delta waves. During this stage, there is no eye movement nor muscle activity. Stage 4 is just a more advanced form of Stage 3 where the delta waves make up a ratio of about 10:1 This is the stage where night-terrors, bed-wetting and sleep walking occur.


Stage 5 – R.E.M Sleep

Rapid Eye Movement – Dreams

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