Taking Care of Your Carpets

Taking Care of Your Carpets 1
  • Fluff caused by loose fibres left in the pile during manufacturing will gradually settle with use and vacuuming
  • Protect your carpet from sharp edges which could cut or pull loops and pile
  • Never pull loose threads on tufted carpet – rather cut them off immediately with sharp scissors as this will not harm the carpet; after installation, loose threads might appear on the joins; trim these immediately to avoid pulling by a vacuum cleaner. Carefully cut loose threads – never pull them
  • Protect your carpet from direct sunlight by using sun filters or drawing curtains
  • Lay down scatter rugs in heavy traffic areas, particularly when it is raining outside
  • Walk-off mats at entrances will trap dirt and prevent it from being walked onto fitted carpets
  • Avoid any form of over-wetting on fitted carpets, particularly when watering pot plants; always use drip trays under pot plants
  • Use a good quality vacuum cleaner with a strong suction action; some thick loop pile constructions are sensitive to brushing, rubbing or scraping which can cause fuzzing and general pile distortion, but this is often temporary regular vacuuming is necessary to prevent wear (4 – 5 times weekly, or daily in high traffic areas)
  • Have your carpets cleaned professionally every 12 – 18 months

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