Summer Hair Care

Summer Hair Care 1

Sun protection isn’t just important for your delicate skin; your hair needs protection too. According to  a cosmetics chemists, ultraviolet rays can bleach the melanin in your hair, which can cause your color to fade, whether you dye it or not.

An increasing number of hair care products contain sunscreens to protect from sun damage, along with a positive ionic charge to help them adhere to your hair better. If you’re headed out in the sun for the day, be sure to add a moisture-sealing oil to your hair to help protect it all day long.

Choose a shampoo with UV filters to protect your hair from sun damage every day. If you have fine hair, choose one with lightweight moisturizers; if you have thicker hair, you can opt for a creamier formula. Follow your shampoo with a UV-shielding conditioner. Once a week, repair dry, brittle hair with a conditioning mask for 15 to 20 minutes in the shower.

After towel-drying your hair, massage a styling gel or cream that contains sunscreen into your hair, roots to ends. Follow up with a sunscreen mist or silicone-based shine spray to seal in moisture. If you will be going in the water, work in a dab of UV-shielding mask or a leave-in conditioner to prevent damage from salt and chlorine. Comb through to distribute evenly and let your hair air-dry.

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