Laser Hair Removal on Different Skin Tones

Does laser hair removal work on my skin? My skin color is a little tannish brown and the hairs on my legs are thick and black. I?ve read on the comments on no no hair removal that if you have light skin with dark and thick hair, it works fine, but what about darker skin colors?

Some lasers can work on your skin tone. Even though your skin is tannish, the hair is thick and dark. And this is good because this will absorb the laser energy better. Most places will give you a free spot test to see if it works, so you should do that. I have light skin and light hair, which is kind of hard for laser hair removal, but it did work actually. Also, you?re burning the skin with a laser so there is some damage to it but it shouldn?t last more than 48 hours. It may happen every time you get it done.

Side Effects After Laser Hair Removal

Does the treated area of the skin turn red after the first session of laser hair removal? How long does it last if it does? What other side effects are visible after each session? I?ve checked on the no no hair removal reviews and it said that the treated area may swell too. Is this true?

Yes. Common side effects of laser hair removal are reddening and swelling of the treated area. But these should fade in 1-2 days. Laser hair removal does work best with light skin and dark hair. Its amazing how fast the results are. It?ll work for you too, but you may just need more sessions to get rid of the hair completely. Keep in mind that it will take at least two treatments, maybe even three or four depending on your hair, the area, and thickness. If you go to a clinic, they can give you a free consultation and a free spot test. So you don?t have to pay anything.

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  1. There are not many side effects of laser hair removal, the treated skin will become reddish and you might face swelling but it will recover in a day or two.

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