How to Get 6 pack abs.

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Your abs are the core of your body.  So you want them to be strong so the rest of your body can perform better.  There are many great exercises that you can do to help you with this.    We all want our abs to look the best that they can.  Often the stomach is the place on our bodies that contain the most fat.  Here is how you can be on your way to a sexy stomach in no time.

  1. To warm up the abs, sit on the floor and bring your feet into your chest as you lift your abs off the ground.  You can have your hands beside you flat on the ground.  Do ten reps.
  2. Next, do the pre- roll-up. Lay flat on the floor and then place the hands above your head.  Slowly peel yourself up off the floor without using your hands.  This is a hard exercise to do but if you keep training you will get it done.  Try to get 10 in.
  3. For the obliques, you lay on your back, and bring your left knee to your right elbow.  Then repeat on the other side.  Do 20 reps of these, ten on each side.
  4. Next, you can bring your right knee into the chest and then bring your left knee as you extend your right leg out,  all the while your abs are up.  It will fire up the lower abs and make them get chiseled.   Repeat 10 times on each leg.
  5. Repeat the series once or twice depending on your fitness level.

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