How To Deal With Stress At Work In 10 Awesome Ways

How To Deal With Stress At Work In 10 Awesome Ways 1

Dream jobs do turn into screwed up nightmares. What was going swimmingly till now might get you all stressed up, impacting your emotional and physical health and interfering your productivity. You might be stuck up in a new project or transferred to a new department or your boss must be beating the shit out of you, whatever might be the reason, how to deal with stress at work is a series of smart steps you must take in order to focus on that one thing that is always within your control no matter what your position at work is. And that one thing is- YOU.

For those individuals who are dealing with regular stress at work, we are here to rescue you folks! Stress management at work needs you to be focused and relaxed at the same time and trust me its not a big deal. Here are 10 awesome ways that tell you how to deal with stress at work!

1. Take One Thing At A Time

So, here’s our first tip on how to deal with stress at work.Set up a schedule for each day. Take one thing at a time instead of jumping on to everything at once. This allows you to focus more easily and improve your quality of work. In case, you really have to multi-task a couple of things during your day then you can set off a fixed time for that each day. So it is advised to single task for most parts of the day and set an hour for multi-tasking things in a big scoop.

2. Write Everything Down

Make a to-do list each day. Write down a list of all the presentations and reports you got to make, all the meetings you have to attend, the phone calls you got to do and so on. One of the best ways of stress management at work, this technique is sure to eliminate the risk of forgetting anything important during the course of your day.

3. Get A Breather

You do need a breather at work and you have to find out a way how to take one. If you really want to deal with stress at work then it is important to identify what makes you feel relaxed and happy. Whether it is walking away from the computer or stepping out of your cubicle, simply going outside for a walk, stretching at your desk, doing a breathing exercise or downing your favorite burger for lunch, go for it if it makes you feel relaxed. It can also mean cutting down on work early one day and enthusiastically resuming work the other day. This is a great tip you can give to those who seek remedies for how to deal with stress at work.

4. Confide In Someone

There must be a trusted colleague or a work husband or wife you can vent your feelings to. As you might not be in a position to take your grievances to the HR or someone else who is in authority, it’s best to find a friend with whom you can share your thought bubbles.

5. Eliminate Interruptions

Most business professionals are bombarded during the day with phone calls, emails, instant messages, pop-ins and abrupt urgent deadlines conspiring to make ones life at work more hell. How to deal with stress at work requires you to take control of your response to these interruptions even when you don’t have control over the interrupters. It is suggested to respond to these interruptions in any one of the following three ways:

  1. Accept the interruption
  2. Decline it
  3. Analyse its importance and plan to respond to it accordingly

Some interruptions are frequent and predictable. You can have preset criteria regarding which response you want to make. You can also request some of you around you interrupt only during a certain fixed time unless very important. You can also set up certain office hours in order to talk in person or simply refrain from being interrupted when you have to concentrate on something more important.

6. Eat Right And Sleep Well

An unhealthy diet is likely to increase stress. If you want to go for a perfect stress management regime at work then you have to take care of your eating and sleeping habits or else you will not get the rejuvenating effects. Indulge in a lot of fresh fruits and veggie delights with limited portions of protein-rich foods. Stay away from greasy stuffs and avoid smoking and drinking. Talking of sleep, if racing thoughts prevent you from dozing off then practice deep breathing for about 20 minutes every day before going to bed and you are sure to improve your sleep.

7. Exercise Regularly

If you want to know how to deal with stress at work then having an active lifestyle is very important. A regular fitness regime is a must to manage stress at work. Hit the gym or practice yoga or go for regular morning walks or indulge in a regular physical activity like swimming or cycling. An active lifestyle is a sure-shot way to lift your spirits and eliminate stress at work.

8. Influence Others

You might be responsible in your outlook and behavior but you still might have to deal with a co-workers stressful behavior. It is suggested to confront an employees or a co-workers bad behavior by talking to him in a dignified tone, stating the impact of his behavior on the team and requesting a change. Dealing with stress at work requires one to have such a responsible attitude that is helpful not only for the individual but for the work environment as a whole.

9. Never Over-Commit Yourself

Never try to over-commit yourself by scheduling things back-to-back or fitting too much in one day. In case, your plate is full of too many things then categorize them in two lists- musts and shoulds. Prioritize accordingly and start off with those that are too important and shift the not-so important tasks to some other day.

10. Meet Challenges With Humor

If used in an appropriate manner, humor is an awesome way to eliminate stress at work. When the situation around you is too tough and those around you are taking things very seriously then find a way to lighten everyone’s mood by sharing a funny story or a joke.

So, here comes an end to our list of how to deal with stress in 10 awesome ways! I am sure there are many of you who are fighters in the real spirit who can survive the toughest of storms in the workplace. However, if your situation at your present job remains awful even after a lot of struggle then its time to get on the job-search horse. All the best, guys!

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