How much do you really know about your wisdom teeth?

Wisdom Teeth pain

Read on and find out answers to some frequently asked questions.

What are wisdom teeth?

Every adult has three sets of molars. Wisdom teeth are the third set found in the back of each quadrant or side of your oral dentition. They are called wisdom teeth because they usually develop between the ages of 17 and 21 or when it is thought to have gained wisdom.

Why do some people get their wisdom teeth removed, and others don’t?

Wisdom teeth are an extra set of molars that are not necessary for proper function or cosmetic reasons. Many problems may arise that lead to the removal of the set of molars. Some people develop wisdom teeth just fine without any issues and will never get them removed.

What are some problems with wisdom teeth?

While third molars are coming through the gum, there is a little flap of tissue which traps food and bacteria. This can cause gum infection or cavities if not properly cleaned. Sometimes people find that the area is too hard to reach while brushing and flossing once the tooth breaks through, which may lead to cavities as well. When the jaw is too small for proper spacing for the wisdom teeth, they may develop crooked or impacted meaning sideways. This can then irritate the molar next to it and cause more dental problems or infection.

What are some symptoms of wisdom tooth problems?

Some people may never feel any symptoms. Your dentist may notice you need them removed from x-rays and refer you to an oral surgeon. Other may experience symptoms that may include: crowding of other teeth, tenderness or soreness in the area of the wisdom tooth, bad taste in your mouth, jaw stiffness and infected gums in are of wisdom tooth, and tooth decay in the area where it is hard to clean.

What can I do about it?

Contact your dentist immediately for an exam if you are experiencing any problems. An oral surgeon for a consultation will then see you. You can discuss options of sedation and ask any questions you may have regarding the removal of the wisdom teeth. It doesn’t take very long for the actual procedure, and you will be healed up in no time!

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