Dark circles and under eye puffiness

Dark circles and under eye puffiness 1

Under eye care is often neglected and is not a part of the beauty routine one usually follows. Dark circles and puffiness is something one of the most common cosmetic problems one faces after a certain age. Besides ageing, lack of proper sleep also tends to aggravate the problem. But there is a home remedy for this too. It is an extremely simple and effective remedy to tackle dark circles.

Soak the inner core of bread in milk and add to it one teaspoon of almond oil. Take this soaked bread in a muslin cloth and place it over the eyes as you relax. This routine should be followed daily if the problem is acute and should be continued for at least three months to feel a noticeable difference. If you do not have a serious problem then this remedy can be done twice a week. It prevents dark circles and under eye puffiness.

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