Allergies and Intolerances

Allergies and Intolerances 1

Many people will say that they have an allergy to certain foods for example but in fact, they have an intolerance.

Everybody is unique from our DNA and from hair to toe. That applies to our insides too. Each of us has a sophisticated and complex chemical system that should be balanced to work efficiently. The old saying ‘One man’s meat is another’s poison is absolutely true.

There are many symptoms and common ailments that are linked to food allergies and finding out what might be causing these is Step One in healing naturally. Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Bronchitis, ME. Hayfever, Celiac disease, Diabetes, Headaches, and Eczema are just some of the diseases we can work with. Certainly, long-term intolerance or allergy to foods can contribute to more serious conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer.

The first reaction that most people have, when they discover an allergy or intolerance related to a specific food, is to totally discard the food responsibly and never touch it again. Some people develop such a totally restricted diet that they do themselves harm by denying their bodies the nutrients that are essential to their health and well being. Sometimes these nutrients are part of the complex chemical makeup of toxin elimination and removing them completely can have a detrimental effect on that process.

Some practitioners will also advise their clients to stop consuming certain foods and it is important that a client always ask when they can begin re-introducing these restricted foods again. If a reaction is very severe then yes, of course, it would be unwise to eat that food. Peanuts are a prime example. Nut allergies, however, are just that, an allergy, which is very different from an intolerance and the two should not be confused.

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