7 Clever Ideas For Secretly Sleeping At Work

7 Clever Ideas For Secretly Sleeping At Work 1

For those of us who have a job and an office to attend to on a daily basis, getting sleepy during office hours is a reality. Yes, admit it or not, we do have the urge on occasion to just leave everything aside and take a nap and go for sleeping at work.

If we aren’t able to do that, the dozing syndrome catches us unaware and that’s when trouble strikes. Sometimes it is actually important that you provide your body with just a little nap to get back that fresh, alert and responsive person back with the productivity that job expects.

However all said and done, it’s just not a good thing, because it robs you of your ability to perform at peak levels. It’s because your body needs that rest and you do have sleep problems which needs addressing. So if there’s that imperative need to take a tiny nap, here’s how to do it.

1. Put Up A Do Not Disturb Sign And Sleep

If you’re the lucky one that has an office, well then, just put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door and do your thing in any which way that your body finds comfortable. It could be on the desk, on the floor or you can use your creativity to get that much needed nap.

2. Get Clever

If you’re lucky to have a position in the office which offers one closed side, then use it to your advantage. Sit comfortably, close your eyes and you could use your hand to cover the open side and take a nap. Do hold stuff like a mouse, or a pen on paper to ward off curiosity. If you do it right, chances are you wont be noticed at all.

3. Wear Sunglasses For Sleeping At Work

Another great utility item is sunglasses. Just tell everyone around that your eyes are fatigued and burning and that you need to put on sunglasses. When you have them on, you can always get a little shut eye without drawing much attention.

4. How About Your Car’s Backseat?

There are others who go down to the car park and make great use of the backseat. There aren’t many people there during the office hours and you can easily do your thing with relative ease and get that teeny weenie nap.

5. Doze Off In The Toilet

What about faking a tummy upset to use the toilet?? That could be a great idea. While people pity you for the situation, you can get a quality shuteye without having to bother about anything at all. Just sit on the porcelain bed and take a quick quality nap, nothing more to it.

6. Stuff Yourself In A Cabinet Or Under The Table

Another neat trick for sleeping at workis to use empty closets and large file cabinets to provide you with a truly comfortable napping station. You can even nap under the table. Trust me, most people like this way the most. If you can find such a place, just fit in and say bye-bye to work for a short period and emerge refreshed like doing so from a cocoon.

7. Snore Peacefully In An Empty Conference Room

Another great place is the conference room, which is where could to try for some shut eye too. If no one pops in, you can always say you were into some brainwave that required a little peace and quiet. After all, a great idea needs to simmer and stew inside the head to finally emerge like a perfect cup of tea.

All said and done, this is a task that needs every little bit of creativity you can think of to get back refreshed so that office job gets done perfectly without having the guilt of sleeping at work. Got more innovative ideas for catching a nap at work? Give a shout out in the comments section!

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