12 Effective Ways To Avoid Heart Attacks

12 Effective Ways To Avoid Heart Attacks 1

There are few who can disagree that modern life with its higher stress levels has not increased the risk of heart attacks. People are having a tough time trying to find ways to keep fit and avoid such risks. However, believe it or not, there are some very useful tips to follow that can make heart attacks a much smaller part of your life. These are small, minor changes that can go a long way in increasing the possibility of you leading a healthier life.

1. A Bicycle Is Good For You

Increase the amount of cardiovascular work you get in your daily routine. One of a great ways to do so is riding a bicycle, doesn’t matter if its a stationary one or the real deal. A lot of current research has pointed out that people who ride their cycle on a regular basis stand a better chance at beating heart attack chances. However if you are someone suffering from Angina or mild chest pain it is preferred you do anything only under qualified medical supervision.

2. Chocolate Every Once In A While Is Good

Research reveals that having a regular dose of Chocolate is actually quite good for you. There is a chemical called Flavonoid in chocolate that is considered very good to keep the artery walls pliable. It is also found good in preventing clotting of blood as well as preventing oxidization. In this regard remember, that Dark Chocolate is the one good for you because milk Chocolate has fat that increases cholesterol levels.

3. Vitamin B Complex Is Good For You

A report from a Swiss research states that a daily limited doze of vitamin B complex yielded very promising results. A vitamin B combination that contains Vitamin B6, Folic acid and B12 is said to reduce the incidence of heart attacks by as much as 40%.

4. Track Your Snoring

If you hear from your partner that your snore at night, check it out with a tape recorder to see the level of snoring you have. Snoring can be an indication of Sleep apnea, which can lead to increased blood pressure and risk of Heart attack as well.

5. Get Quality Sleep Daily

Research also reveals that people who don’t get around 7 hours of sleep daily run a higher risk of chance with heart attacks. Less sleep increases blood pressure, affects hormone levels too. However, on the higher side more than 9 hours of sleep is again detrimental and increases the risk.

6. A Little Fish In Your Diet

Inclusion of a little fish in your regular diet can greatly reduce your risk of heart attacks. It is found that people who include fish in their weekly meal with regularity had lesser chances of going through an untimely heart attack.

7. Stick To A High Fiber Diet On A Weekly Basis

People who had a high fiber diet usually stood a better chance of thwarting a heart attack then those who didn’t. So indulge in a lot of lentils, peas, broccoli, bran flakes, whole wheat bread and pasta, oatmeal, etc.

8. Salad Dressing With Flaxseed

A little flaxseed sprinkled on your salad dressing can pack a lot of Omega fatty acids that contributes to good health for your heart.

9. Black Tea Can Be Very Good For You

A mere two cups of black tea can greatly contribute to your heart health. This kind of tea drinking is said to reduce chances of a heart attack risk by 2.5% compared to those who didn’t follow this routine.

10. Take Your Beans Seriously

Inclusion of different kind of beans in your regular diet can work wonders. It is said that this item in your regular weekly diet can contribute lowering as much as 22% when compared to those that don’t, from heart attacks.

11. Quit Smoking

It is proven the smoking of cigarettes and even being exposed to second hand smoke leads to wide range of risks including heart diseases, lung diseases and strokes. So ditch that cigarette butt as soon as possible.

12. Make Exercise A Habit

Hit the gym, go for yoga or just opt for a regular morning stroll. Indulging in other activities like swimming also helps to a great extent. You got to burn those calories to keep heart attacks at bay.

Many of these tips are simple, easy to follow and can actually contribute to effectively combat the chances of heart attacks. Everyone would agree that prevention is always better than a cure.

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